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For the avoidance of doubt...


General disclaimer - No legal advice

As the name of our website suggests, the documents provided should be treated as templates only, meaning that they must be adjusted to (i) the needs of the person or company using it and (ii) the specific situation for which it is used. Only your personal legal advisor can ensure that the information and the documents (as well as your interpretation of them) on our website are suited to your needs. 

Our templates are drafted so that they can be used as general guidance by various companies in various situations. They are thus not specific to the needs of the user. As a consequence, we do not provide legal advice. In case of doubt in relation to the adequacy of any document or specific provision in our documents, please liaise with your internal or external counsel.

Although we have drafted our templates with due skill, care and diligence we cannot guarantee that the they are error-free. Although we aim to keep our templates up-to-date and in line with the latest legal and regulatory requirements, we cannot guarantee that this is the case at all times. 

Moreover, we cannot guarantee the enforceability in front of a judge of any clauses in our agreement, nor can we guarantee that the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) will not have any comments on the documents. The documents are based on years of experience of dealing with the CSSF. However, due to the constant regulatory changes both on a European and national level, the CSSF constantly adapts and updates their requirements.

We disclaim all liability with respect to actions taken or not taken on the basis of the content of this site.

Data protection

When subscribing to, or downloading documents from, our website your contact details will be included in our data base. This data base is secured and will only be used within the scope of our business purpose. This includes:

  • sending you emails to follow-up and ensuring you are satisfied with our service; and

  • sending you emails to inform you about new products or updates to existing products.

You can at any time opt out of promotional emails. 

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