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Sub-Fund Liquidation - Shareholder Notice - Regulated AIF (SIF)

Sub-Fund Liquidation - Shareholder Notice - Regulated AIF (SIF)

This shareholder notice can be used to inform shareholders of a Luxembourg SIF (specialised investment fund subject to the Luxembourg act of 13 February 2007 on specialised investment funds) of the fact that the sub-fund in which they hold shares will be liquidated.


It goes hand in hand with our template  board resolution and our step plan for sub-fund liquidations. You can find these documents on our website under: 

"Sub-Fund Liquidation - Circular Resolutions - Regulated AIF (SIF)"

"Step Plan - Sub-Fund Liquidation"


    Please refer to our general terms and conditions and remember to always ask your legal adviser for help in case you have any doubt relating to the document. 


    Word file .docx

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